I recently finished the track which I started near the beginning of 2011, and has been my major work in progress since then. I’ve published a copy of it on soundcloud:

[Note: track no longer on Soundcloud]

This track represents a major step forward in the way I’m working on music; in particular, I’ve figured out some workflow improvements which mean that I can integrate the various software and hardware bits that I like to use together better in a way that allows me to blend their strengths. I learned a lot working on it. I hope to write about some of that here in the near future, if I find the time.

As for the result: it’s a bit dense, production-wise, but that’s mostly by design. I tend to write things that way because I personally like music that has some hidden layers, things to go back and find on repeated listens.

Whether it all holds together is harder for me to gauge. It makes sense to me, but I’ve listened to it a few hundred times, and I was there as it came together. I’m probably still too close to it to know whether it will ever make sense to anyone else. It’s a bit like the way that parents with very young children understand every word they say, thinking their child speaks perfectly clearly. Really it’s that they’ve trained their ear to their child’s language patterns so well that they filter out the distortions, while it sounds like gibberish to everyone else.

So I don’t know whether this track is a gifted child, or if I’m just making allowances. This is completely typical, by the way. I rarely know whether anything I’ve written is any good until I’ve spent at least a few months away from it and come back with fresh ears. In the meantime, all I can do is move onto the next thing and hope for the best.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy it and as always, thank you for listening.