New track on SoundCloud

[Note: track no longer on Soundcloud]

This one was an experiment in organizing resources for speed of production: I used Renoise for beats and part of the bassline, Numerology for melodies and harmonies, Ableton Live for mixdown and post-production, and Metasynth in homeopathic doses for a dash of extra DSP weirdness here and there. Nearly all of the synth sounds are from one or another bit of Native Instruments software.

So, sort of a “blend the strengths” approach. Not my most innovative work, but a solid entry in the back-catalog, I reckon, and I managed to put it together in a matter of weeks instead of months. I need to be far less precious about finishing things up, and this is a step in the direction of doing that.

The title of the track refers to the fact that neutrinos interact so weakly with the rest of the universe that one could pass through a light-year of solid lead and still have only a 50% chance of colliding. It was applied post-facto, as usual, but I think it fits the feel of the song, somehow.