The latest ukuphambana track is available on SoundCloud.

[Note: track no longer on Soundcloud]

This one was initially sketched out back in 2006 sometime, but I only got it together to fill it out and release it this past month. It’s the closest thing to noise that I’ve done in a while, though you could argue that it’s closer to electro-acoustic. Lots of stereo things going on, and most of the sounds are distinctly uncomfortable. Only one of the insect-like noises was actually made from a recording of insects; most of it was synthesized in one way or another. The levels sound a bit off to me, still — I’d like it to be louder — but every attempt I made at mastering it ended up making it worse, somehow.

Might come back to it, might not. Either way, in the spirit of breaking myself of excessive preciousness, here it is, warts and all. Moving onto the next track tomorrow, hopefully. No loafing!