Tomorrow I will be performing with longtime collaborator, industrial / experimental DJ extraordinaire and early sometimes-mentor Deftly-D as Zero Times Infinity at Decibalia VI. Zero Times Infinity was the first music project I was involved in seriously, and although we rarely play out, it is always a treat when we do.

The work I do as Ukuphambana is, however experimental, always a pretty well-controlled and self-directed process. This is not at all the case with Zero Times Infinity, which is at its heart an improvisational group. Although we rarely play out, schedules and priorities being what they are, I really look forward to it when we do. Not only is the experience itself both different and rewarding, but I find that working collaboratively generates fresh ideas and approaches, which inevitably find their way back into my solo work. It’s also an opportunity to reconnect with my musical roots, in the sense of having no idea whatsoever whether what I’m doing is going to work or not, or where things might lead.

Sometimes it works out beautifully, sometimes it’s a disaster, but it is always glorious and unexpected and loads of fun.