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New Track: Ipse Dixit

First new track of 2013! “Ipse dixit,” also known as the “bare assertion fallacy,” refers to the practice of treating an issue as settled as a way of avoiding debate, essentially refusing to acknowledge that the issue exists.

Anyway, this new track is fucking amazing, and you should listen to it. Why? Because I said so. That’s just how it is.

[Note: track no longer on Soundcloud]

Tracker Family Tree

Even before I starting working on anything I particularly thought of as music, I was a fan of sample trackers. I had a friend in college who had an Amiga-based copy of Pro Tracker. I jammed out with him many times, usually with him on the Amiga, though I occasionally got a crack at it, too. Some of the earliest Zero Times Infinity recordings included beats and textures designed with Pro Tracker, and it was a big influence on how I made music later.

In my day, I’ve personally used Impulse Tracker, Buzz Tracker, and a few others, here and there. Despite having a laptop full of other synth software, I come back again and again to Renoise. I think it’s fair to say that although I’ve used many tools and techniques in my music-making history, tracking is in my blood.

In fact, my latest track is shaping up to be 100% Renoise-based. I should be putting something up about that soon — it’s very nearly complete — but in the meantime, please enjoy this flowchart detailing the history of tracking software. I didn’t create it; it was linked in a Renoise forum article I stumbled across recently. But I thought it was too amazing not to share.

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