This tutorial video is start of a new series by Eric Wenger, creator of Metasynth, showing how he uses the program. I consider this an especially promising development because Metasynth is totally a scratch-the-itch type program; you can tell he wrote it and keeps working on it because he loves what he can do with it personally. That also means that it is extremely quirky, and I firmly believe that is partly because it is designed for an audience of one: the way it works is essentially a reflection of Wenger’s own mental processes.

For example, the way he uses the Montage Room in this video pretty much explains one of the deep annoyances (for me) of Metasynth: it’s absence of multi-level undo. If you use the montage feature as a scratchpad this way, you don’t need undo; but it had literally never occurred to me to do this before.

Anyway, I’m filing it here so I can find it easily in case I want to refer to it later.