I wrote this track over the last month or so, finishing it up while winding up the processing of packing up my studio for transport as part of moving house. As a result, nearly all of it was created from sounds generated on my laptop in some way or another. Virtually no outboard gear was involved, in other words.

I’m not too clear on whether or how this affected the finished sound, though it’s a little interesting (and surprising, to me) to realize that this is the first track I’ve finished in a while that is more traditionally musical in the sense of having a beat, melody, and identifiable sections, versus the noise and soundscape things I did earlier this year.

Technical notes: most percussion sounds and textures were generated in Metasynth. Beats were mostly sequenced with Renoise. Synth melodies and basslines were sequenced with Numerology using various NI plugins, and the various bits and pieces were assembled, mixed down and mastered Ableton Live.

[Note: track no longer on Soundcloud]