It’s amazing what a little ego-search can dredge up. Apparently a file sharing / streaming service called Grooveshark has a copy of an ukuphambana track that is so rare that I don’t even have it.

So, some context: this track was made as part of a live on-air performance at WJUL’s High Voltage Circumcision show. Possibly the first time I’d attempted doing anything live as ukuphambana? My personal recollection of the timing is hazy, but the performance log has two such events, in February of 1999 and 2000, so it would have been one of those. In either case, it’s been easily a decade since I last heard this track.

Technical notes: most of the track was constructed from samples of Atari 2600 games, loaded into an Akai S950 sampler. The sampler was sequenced from a TR505 drum machine’s MIDI outs. Some of the Akai’s outputs are run through various guitar pedals for effects. HR16 drum machine might be in there too, low in the mix? But I’m not sure.

It goes on long — if I had a clean copy of the original, I would edit it mercilessly — but I love that beat! And it has a rawness that I find endearing rather than embarrassing, now that some time has gotten between me and it. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.

Enjoy: Ukuphambana – Videodrome