Been busy lately, but terrible about updating this blog. There are two as-yet unmentioned tracks in the player. Other things have been happening too, of course, but I haven’t found the time to write about any of it coherently. So, about the new tracks …

The first one, Zebulon Micro Simplex, is the most complex algorithmic piece I’ve done so far in Nodal: everything other than a few effects tweaks and final mastering were written in Nodal, then captured and rendered in Live, including the beats. I’m particularly proud of the beats, because they don’t sound algorithmic to me … they’re complex and a bit weird, but I could have written them by hand. I probably wouldn’t have spent the time (that’s what algorithms are for), but there’s nothing about them that particularly screams out “automated.”

At least, not to me. But I have weird ears that way, too. Who knows?

The second track, Ordinary Time, is the most straight-forward and listener friendly thing I’ve written in a long while. No odd time signatures, no algorithmic stuff, not even any seriously noisy bits. Just a tune I enjoyed writing and hope a few folks will enjoy listening to.

Going just to link to my soundcloud page here rather than deep-link to the tracks, because lazy:

Click here for auditory stimulation