I’ve been putting on a big promo push through my Facebook and Soundcloud pages — well, as big as I ever go — and I just realized that I haven’t posted anything on this, ostensibly my main web page. So here it is: first, there are several new tracks in the Soundcloud player. These won’t be up for long, though, because I’m backing off from using Soundcloud as my main presence on the web. I’ll probably post either prohibitively long and weird things there, or outtakes and snippets of work in progress, but I think Bandcamp is going to be my main home going forward.

Speaking of which: to help drum up interest and make sure I have some wares to hawk at the Voidstar Festival, I’ve put together a release schedule of new EPs and albums, which I’ll be announcing on Bandcamp over the coming months. The first to be released, and tentatively scheduled for July 15th, is Neuroplasticity, featuring downloadable versions of five ukuphambana tracks and artwork created by Deftly-D. Very excited about this! More in this space as events transpire.

Update: Neuroplasticity is out and available as a pay-your-own-price download:

Also (still) available is my 2012 release 60 Ways To Love Your Lever: