So, the Voidstar 25th Anniversary Festival has come and gone. I’m mostly happy with how both my ukuphambana set and the Zero Times Infinity performance turned out (though the latter was cut a little short). It was a fantastic time and I’m very happy to have met some new friends and enjoyed the work of my fellow festival artists. Wish I could get it together to do more of this kind of thing.

As far as what’s coming next: I’d like to create studio versions / mixdowns of the tracks I created for the festival set, and I’ve also been doing some rapid development of older ukuphambana sketches into more fleshed-out (but still not quite finished) in progress work. I expect one or both of these efforts to be well underway if not done by the end of the year. I might try to shop around some more albums to other distributors / labels. And I’ve just started work on a remix project that I’m pretty excited about.