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Red Side Interviews #9 : Ukuphambana

I spent some time recently catching up with Christian D (of Technology Scum & Red Side) for his interview series, talking about old times and early days, as well as schemes and plans for the future.  Many head-thoughts were thunk and mouth-words were said and yours truly.  You can hear them here :

The rest of the Red Side Interview series is great, too!  Check it out.

Ukuphambana – Sonic Sunrise Synaesthesia EP

Sonic Sunrise Synaesthesia is out and available as a pay-your-own-price download!

A five-track release spanning dark noise collage, acid-infused exuberance, floating algorithmic composition, and tracker-driven power noise written before I knew the term existed, this release is the latest in an ongoing series of releases celebrating the upcoming 25th Anniversary of Voidstar Productions:


Ukuphambana – Neuroplasticity EP

I’ve been putting on a big promo push through my Facebook and Soundcloud pages — well, as big as I ever go — and I just realized that I haven’t posted anything on this, ostensibly my main web page. So here it is: first, there are several new tracks in the Soundcloud player. These won’t be up for long, though, because I’m backing off from using Soundcloud as my main presence on the web. I’ll probably post either prohibitively long and weird things there, or outtakes and snippets of work in progress, but I think Bandcamp is going to be my main home going forward.

Speaking of which: to help drum up interest and make sure I have some wares to hawk at the Voidstar Festival, I’ve put together a release schedule of new EPs and albums, which I’ll be announcing on Bandcamp over the coming months. The first to be released, and tentatively scheduled for July 15th, is Neuroplasticity, featuring downloadable versions of five ukuphambana tracks and artwork created by Deftly-D. Very excited about this! More in this space as events transpire.

Update: Neuroplasticity is out and available as a pay-your-own-price download:

Also (still) available is my 2012 release 60 Ways To Love Your Lever:

Curiouser and Curiouser

Haven’t written anything here in a while, but things have been very busy. The biggest news is that ukuphambana will be performing at the Voidstar Productions 25th Anniversary Festival! Hit the link for more info and to purchase tickets and/or contribute to the advance crowdfunding campaign.

The fact that Voidstar Productions (co-founded by close friend, long time collaborator, and like-minded artist Deftly-D) has been producing uncompromising art and performances for nearly a quarter century now blows my mind. To be involved in celebrating that is an honor and a privilege. I’m also very excited about the lineup … nobody else puts together events like this, and this one is going to be the biggest and best yet.

In connection with the festival and long-overdue are some other ukuphambana activities that I am going to keep hush hush for now, but I’m also very pleased about. More news on that as events transpire.

2015 is going to be an amazing year, though.

Practice Artifacts

So, this past weekend’s Zero Times Infinity performance was fun and weird and all the expected things. Small space, small turnout … which sounds like bitching, but isn’t, because that’s my favorite sort of gig. Playing shows, for me, is mostly about the experience of making music collaboratively and getting to hang out with friends and associates whom I haven’t seen in a long time. I find the part where I’m performing music for strangers vaguely creepy, to the extent that I think about it at all.

Now that the show is over, I figured I’d put up some recordings from the solo practice sessions during which I developed the techniques I eventually used during the performance. Geek notes: most of the sound was generated in either Audiomulch or Metasynth, piped into Ableton via SoundFlower for further mixing and processing. This was combined with parameter automation in Numerology. The results are very noisy, so I uploaded them to the noise set on my SoundCloud page. Enjoy!

[Note: track no longer on Soundcloud]

Preparing for the Undefined

Tomorrow I will be performing with longtime collaborator, industrial / experimental DJ extraordinaire and early sometimes-mentor Deftly-D as Zero Times Infinity at Decibalia VI. Zero Times Infinity was the first music project I was involved in seriously, and although we rarely play out, it is always a treat when we do.

The work I do as Ukuphambana is, however experimental, always a pretty well-controlled and self-directed process. This is not at all the case with Zero Times Infinity, which is at its heart an improvisational group. Although we rarely play out, schedules and priorities being what they are, I really look forward to it when we do. Not only is the experience itself both different and rewarding, but I find that working collaboratively generates fresh ideas and approaches, which inevitably find their way back into my solo work. It’s also an opportunity to reconnect with my musical roots, in the sense of having no idea whatsoever whether what I’m doing is going to work or not, or where things might lead.

Sometimes it works out beautifully, sometimes it’s a disaster, but it is always glorious and unexpected and loads of fun.

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