01/2017 Guest appearance on WZBC’s High Voltage Circumcision Show
10/2015 Voidstar Productions 25th Anniversary Festival
07/2013 Live radio set on WZBC’s High Voltage Circumcision Show
08/2010 Decibalia III: The Ides of October
03/2010 Voidstar Productions presents: Ordnance
01/2007 Laptop set at the Enormous Room’s Slow Motion Sunday.
09/2004 Live with ElectroVideoMove at Philly Fringe, in the CEC, Philadelphia, PA.
07/2004 Live with ElectroVideoMove at ArtBeat in Seven Hills Park, Somerville, MA.
09/2002 Livesexact record release party for the Segmented Purity remix disc, featuring a remix by Ukuphambana as well as remixes by Nau-Zee-auN, rising!man!incinerator, and more.
05/2002 Digital Hardcore Records release party at the Gaelic Ballroom in Lowell with Pine Tree State Mind Control, the Hawaiian Shirt Mafia, Emil Beaulieau (America’s Greatest Living Noise Artist), Immaculate:Grotesque, and Prurient.
04/2002 Flywheel Arts Collective w/ PTSMC
04/2002 National Organ Shortage (WMBR, MIT) with PTSMC
03/2002 The Vakante (WMFO, Tufts) with Sophomore and Snackmaster
11/2001 Drum & Noize set at Sydneys with Jekyll Island, Roman Stange, and DJ Lord Bass
10/2001 Supercollider technology & arts event at MIT
09/2001 Super-secret Sophomore house party, also featuring Technology Will Fail
09/2001 Electronic Experiments (WMBR, MIT)
09/2001 Trancelab (WUNH, UNH Durham) w/ DJ Lord Bass
07/2001 INFINITE RISING TERROR West Coast Tour with Zero Times Infinity, TerrEtroN, rising!man!incinerator, and DOS.BEEP
05/2001 On-air set at Electronic Experiments (WMBR, MIT)
04/2001 Trancelab (WUNH, UNH Durham) with DJ Lord Bass
02/2001 Lollygagger Session #4 at Lollygagger Studios, also featuring DJ C/EOSS, ESP + Mr Interrupt, Cathode Ray Tube and Soplerfo
01/2001 Fishtown Art Space in Gloucester with Hypocycloid, Emil Beaulieau, 2000 Joe Browns, and Iso_staticon
09/2000 am*be*thang in Providence with Codec and more.
05/2000 BOSTON NOT LONDON release party at MIT w/ Technology Scum, Dummy Plug Conspiracy, Kolo, Cathode Ray Tube
04/2000 Live on-air at Direct Current (WMLN, Curry College) with DJ Wardance
02/2000 High Voltage Circumcision Live #8 with DJ Defly-D (WJUL, Lowell)
05/1999 Cyber-rama arts festival at the Voix Gallery in Lowell
02/1999 High Voltage Circumcision Live #6 with DJ Deftly-D (WJUL, Lowell)
12/1998 Live collaboration with Zipper Spy at the Spyroom in Lowell.