New Track: Aprion Virescens

I wrote this track over the last month or so, finishing it up while winding up the processing of packing up my studio for transport as part of moving house. As a result, nearly all of it was created from sounds generated on my laptop in some way or another. Virtually no outboard gear was involved, in other words.

I’m not too clear on whether or how this affected the finished sound, though it’s a little interesting (and surprising, to me) to realize that this is the first track I’ve finished in a while that is more traditionally musical in the sense of having a beat, melody, and identifiable sections, versus the noise and soundscape things I did earlier this year.

Technical notes: most percussion sounds and textures were generated in Metasynth. Beats were mostly sequenced with Renoise. Synth melodies and basslines were sequenced with Numerology using various NI plugins, and the various bits and pieces were assembled, mixed down and mastered Ableton Live.

[Note: track no longer on Soundcloud]

Sound Design: Adventures in Deutchland

One of my freesound uploads is being used as a transition sound in a German video travelogue series! Check out the first episode here.

New Track: Brain On Hype

Published a new track. This one is firmly in the noise category, though it’s more a soundscape than a “harsh noise” sort of thing. The core of this one — the gritty, loping drone loops — started out as an homage to Pine Tree State Mind Control, sketched out several years ago. Most of the longer, tonally oriented drones were created in Metasynth over the last month or so, and the whole mess was assembled in Ableton Live.

Fun fact: most of the sounds in this piece originated from a small collection of speech samples of Ice T and Charlton Heston. The voice of former Vice President Dan Quayle makes a brief appearance in the middle section. See if you can identify it! Fun for the whole family.

[Note: track no longer on Soundcloud]

New Tracks: Summer 2013 Edition

This summer I’ve been on a bit of a tear, mainly finishing up work I started in the past and then left to simmer for a while on the back of my hard drive. There are three new tracks up on my Soundcloud site, one in the featured set and two in the noise set.

I probably should list them all out and say something about them here, but I’m feeling too lazy at the moment. If you’re interested, just hit the links and listen through the list. It’s all good stuff.

Sound Design: Kids vs Goblins

Another one of my freesound uploads was used in an iphone game. This one actually happened a while back, and I’d forgotten about it until I found the original message digging through my email tonight.

Since I’ve been on a “sound design credits” kick lately, and don’t think I posted about it back when it originally happened, I figured I’d make note of it here. The original post on freesound listing the sound design credits is here.

Metasynth Video Diary

This tutorial video is start of a new series by Eric Wenger, creator of Metasynth, showing how he uses the program. I consider this an especially promising development because Metasynth is totally a scratch-the-itch type program; you can tell he wrote it and keeps working on it because he loves what he can do with it personally. That also means that it is extremely quirky, and I firmly believe that is partly because it is designed for an audience of one: the way it works is essentially a reflection of Wenger’s own mental processes.

For example, the way he uses the Montage Room in this video pretty much explains one of the deep annoyances (for me) of Metasynth: it’s absence of multi-level undo. If you use the montage feature as a scratchpad this way, you don’t need undo; but it had literally never occurred to me to do this before.

Anyway, I’m filing it here so I can find it easily in case I want to refer to it later.

Sound Design: Black Beauty Enhanced

So, not sure if this is a growing trend or just a nice coincidence, but I just received this message in my FreeSound email:

Your awesome recording was used in the restoration of a 1912 version of Black Beauty for the iPad and iPad Mini called Black Beauty Enhanced. A significant portion of the proceeds supports equine welfare causes and helps stop abuse. A full attribution is in the book, as well. Thanks!

The production in question is available through the iTunes Store.

The original sound that was used is still available through the FreeSound site, of course.

Sound Design: The Mask

So, one of my FreeSound uploads got used in some kind of art film. I’m guessing it’s a student production, but the video comment text is in German so I’m not sure. I am credited with “Atmosphäre Sounds,” which is pretty self-explanatory, I guess? A link to the video is here:


New Track: Quadragesima

A new ambient track, but this time with a beat. Attempting to take some of the compositional ideas used in Aslepiadaceae and apply them to the rhythm as well as melody and harmony. Also playing with a lot of new sound design ideas. (Well, new to me, anyway.)

The title is a reference to the time of year when it was completed, but also to the somber tone I hear when I listen to it now. It has a meditative, almost spiritualistic feel, but I think the rhythm elements, as offbeat as they get here and there, keep it grounded. It was a balancing act getting all the elements to work together, but I’m very pleased with how it came out.


[Note: track no longer on Soundcloud]

New Track: Ipse Dixit

First new track of 2013! “Ipse dixit,” also known as the “bare assertion fallacy,” refers to the practice of treating an issue as settled as a way of avoiding debate, essentially refusing to acknowledge that the issue exists.

Anyway, this new track is fucking amazing, and you should listen to it. Why? Because I said so. That’s just how it is.

[Note: track no longer on Soundcloud]

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