Getting Out There

With the advent of spring, things are starting to move again on the music front. There have been some big changes at Gritware Studios: all but the choicest hardware is now gone, either sold or donated in my ongoing simplification efforts. I’m learning Native Instruments’ software suite and regularly experimenting with new musical ideas again.

All to the good.

I’ve got a studio schedule roughly worked out in my head. I might post it here when it becomes more concrete. One thing I’m absolutely committed to is spending a bit more time getting finished (and possibly in progress) material out to listeners, as well as working on new material. (Part of that should probably include posting here more than once every five months.)

In the meantime, though: I’ve made some updates on the ukuphambana SoundCloud account. There are now two sets, one for completed new material, and another for odds and ends from the archives that I don’t expect to give a proper release. I may create a third set for incomplete or in-progress material, or I may do something completely different for that. Still working it out.

I’m also setting up a Bandcamp site so that full ukuphambana albums will be available for purchase soon.

New Beginnings

After allowing my ukuphambana web site to stagnate for an embarrassing span of time, I finally got it together to install WordPress.  Starting in 2011, I plan to resume some sort of promotion and release activities, instead of just producing new material and circulating it among friends.

I’ll be posting more here when I create new tracks and play shows, and depending on future whims, I may also do some writing about my creative process, tools and techniques.

In the meantime, please have a browse through the photo gallery, check out recent tracks at myspace and soundcloud, and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

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